Water Leak Detection

Most of the time, property owners don’t get the chance to know about a hidden leak in their property before substantial damage has already gotten caused. A hidden water leak is not a tradition for an old building. Various modern buildings and latest constructions also suffer from the hidden leaks. There could be several reasons for a hidden leak, but all have a common substantial amount of damage. If you don’t take action accordingly, the results will be devastation and, in some cases, collateral damage. You never know how many days have passed since the hidden leak and how long it has damaged your property. Once you get the notion of realization about a hidden leak through any symptom, you must call expert technicians right away to protect the lives of the people and the property from water damage.

Square One Restoration Water Damage Phoenix

We are a team of trained professionals certified and experienced in finding the hidden leak with the latest technology and scientific methods. Our team reaches your location in the least time possible and offers you the most satisfying hidden leak detection and repair services. Our technicians have over a decade to protect the property from the damage caused by the hidden leak. Most property owners don’t get the chance to find a hidden leak in their property. Following is the list of the common symptoms and factors that can reveal a hidden leak in the property

High utility bills

When you have to pay high utility bills without substantial water use, this signifies that an ample amount of water is getting wasted without your knowledge. And this wasted water can go into the foundation, under the floor, or walls to wreak havoc and destroy the property. This leaking water also becomes a threat for the residents or workers in the domestic or commercial property.

Smelly water

If you are getting smelly water, this is the sign that a pipe has developed a leak in the floor, and the leaking water has created a puddle around it. You are getting the smelly and dirty water from that puddle. This contaminated water is harmful for your consumption and use.

Running water sound

A slab leak is the most devastating kind of leak for commercial and domestic property owners. If you have to listen to a continuous running water sound under the floor, this indicates that the pipe under the floor is leaking an ample amount of water. This leaking water is a dire threat to the foundation and the walls inside the property. It could lead to cracks and sinking floors, which could be fatal for the building people.

Always running water heater

If you have a conventional water heater with a tank running on electricity or gas, you know that there are some spells when the heater keeps working to attain the desired temperature level. But when you witness that your water heater is running continuously 24 hours a day. You must know that the water heater pipe is leaking, and it is making hot water sway the sand and dirt under the building to cause severe damage to the property.

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