Water Damage Phoenix

Square One Restoration Water Damage Phoenix

We are the obvious choice for the people in Phoenix in case of water damage. Following is the breakdown of the processes and operations we do in case of water damage:

Emergency response

The water damage process starts when you call our technicians to reach your location. Every call is an emergency for us, and we report to your place without making a delay. For us, every customer is important, and regardless of the amount of damage, we give you a swift response and attend to the matter. Any delay in the water damage scenario will cost you thousands of dollars as you might have to discard the water damage inventories and buy a new one for you.

Protective measures

When we reach your location, which is suffering from water damage, the first thing we do is cut the electricity to the building to save people’s lives and your electrical appliances from current and short circuits. The next thing is to shut all the primary and secondary water supply valves to stop the flowing water if there is a pipe leak or appliance malfunction.

Water removal

After making an expert analysis, our technicians inform you about the plan and start making a move. TheThe water removal process begins by placing the industry-grade suction pumps in the water-filled area. Then we use our experience to take out all the water within minutes and protect your property from accruing further damage. We take out all the water from the building to keep your property safe from getting collateral damage and get fully restored.

Drying and dehumidification

Once we have dried all the water, drying everything inside becomes the primary focus. The water on the surface can seep through the pores and make your property vulnerable and susceptible to breaking and swelling. We use robust fans and make temporary air tunnels to remove all the humidity of water vapors inside the building to make it dry. The continuously flowing airstream will take away all the water vapors from the building, and you won’t have to suffer from the stale smell afterward.

Cleaning and sanitization

When water touches the floor and areas where it shouldn’t suppose to be, it will start causing damage to the vulnerable areas. But the most devastating impact of such a situation is that it will increase the number of bacteria and viruses in that area. Once all the water has gotten removed, the bacteria and viruses will remain there, growing colonies. Our technicians are concerned about the people’s health and thoroughly clean the area with powerful yet safe chemicals and sanitizers to make the building safe for you.


Our technicians know that the hidden water molecules can cause mold and mildew in your property to make things worse. Our technicians use modern tools and the latest technology in detecting invisible water molecules. Once all the molecules have gotten spotted, it is now time for robust and powerful heaters that are safe for your property and fatal for the hidden water molecules.

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