Flood Repair

Flood repair requires more from the technicians than you could imagine. It would be best if you had expert and experienced technicians who get trained, experienced, and certified in taking care of all the issues and problems associated with the flood and its devastating aftermaths.

Square One Restoration Water Damage Phoenix

We have the experience of more than a decade in providing out-of-the-box solutions and innovative ways to take care of your domestic, commercial, and educational facilities in Phoenix.

Types of flood

There are mainly two different types of flood-related situations which make you call our expert technicians for repair.


The natural factors are out of human control, and you cannot avoid such scenarios. However, some protective measures might reduce the flood water’s impact and devastation, but still, you need our flood repair services to get your building restore to its former glory.


Heavy rain on the hills and slopes will make a flood-like situation in the valleys and plains. The rainwater is free from harmful viruses and bacteria, but it will collect maximum debris, bacteria, and infectious viruses once it spills on the ground. Once this water reaches your facility, it will cause damage to the property and will make it unsafe for the people working or living in such a building.

Overflowing water bodies

Heavy rain on the mountain will increase the rivers and canals’ water level in the adjacent areas. This increasing water level can create a flood in the site depending on the access water. It will force you to discard the rugs and carpets and get deep cleaning and restructuring of the wooden floor, furniture, and inventory.


The non-natural type of flood is when appliances, plumbing, or human negligence allow the water to get collected inside the facility and create a flood-like situation. This type of flood is less hazardous than the natural flood, but the stakes are still high in such a scenario.

Pipe leak

A pipe leak in a domestic or commercial building can create a more dangerous flood than other non-natural floods. The leak in the pipe will keep adding water to the area, and you might have to suffer some severe damage. This situation requires expert and experienced technicians who can save people and appliances by corrective measures. And repair the damage by mitigating the water damage effects and professional expertise.

Appliance malfunction

Water appliances get mostly placed in basements and garages, and any issue or malfunction will indeed cause some devastating damage in terms of the hot waterflood. This situation requires you to take corrective measures and call our technicians to prevent collateral damage and repair the area.

Clogged drain

A clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom offers the same level of infectious and hazardous water that any splash from that puddle is enough to cause skin allergy, and contaminated water can make you terminally ill. Our technicians are experienced to handle and repair such scenarios with modern tools and scientific methods.

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