Flood Damage Restoration

The most crucial type of water damage repair and restoration service is flood damage restoration. This is not the work of some established company with traditional tools and outdated knowledge. Flood restoration requires the latest knowledge, modern tools, and scientific methods to make the building safe and inhabitable for the people. If everything inside is not taken care of, the results will be catastrophic for your property and the people inside.

Square One Restoration Water Damage Phoenix

We are the team with the training, certification, and over a decade of experience in providing safe and effective flood damage restoration services for the property owners in Phoenix.

Types of Damage

The commercial buildings have to bear various types of damages, and the most common and crucial ones are written below for your better understanding of the process as to how we take care of your property.


Regardless of the type of floor, the flood water can cause catastrophic damage to the tiles and the wooden floor. The floodwater gets infected with viruses and bacteria, and it can permanently warp the wooden tiles if water is not removed in time to protect the people on the property.

If your domestic building has faced flood, the stakes are much higher as your children and pets will be more vulnerable to germs and diseases. Our technicians use strong chemicals and sanitizers to make everything clean and hygienic for your loved ones to stay happy and healthy inside.

Carpets and rugs

In case of a natural flood, you get advised to discard the rugs and carpets. The floodwater is infested with viruses and bacteria that might remain under the yarn and could prove hazardous for the people inside the building.

In case of pipe leak and appliance malfunction, we wash, disinfect and restore the expensive rugs and carpets to make them look and feel as good as new ones.


Drywalls get damaged the moment they come in contact with water. You get advised to get rid of the affected area. Our technicians come up with the most innovative ways to restore the site and offer you the repair and restoration of these drywalls effectively and affordably.


Personal belonging in commercial and domestic buildings has some emotions and associations attached to them. When we reach the flood-affected building, the restoration process focuses on damage mitigation. We do our best to restore the belongings and save them from collateral damage to the greatest extent.

Furniture and Inventory

The next important thing is the furniture and inventory in the commercial and domestic buildings. Any delay in taking care of these things will result in collateral damage and devastation. Our technicians take out these things at once and use the professional tools, experience, and modern tools to restore them to their former glory.

Building restoration

The last step after appliances and inventory is the restoration of the whole building. Our technicians take care of the damaged area with modern tools and scientific methods to make it look as good as new in the least time possible. We future proof your building from hidden water molecules and the harmful effects of floodwater.

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