Commercial Water Damage

Square One Restoration Water Damage Phoenix

We are the top-rated choice now and have been a top-rated choice for the past ten years in water damage repair. When you want an expert team for commercial water damage repair in Phoenix, we are the first name that comes to the property owners’ minds.

Type of damage

Following is the list of most common types of damage in the area for which people call us:

Ceiling leak

A ceiling leak is the worst nightmare for any business owner. When there is a leak in the pipe, the ceiling will make all the water pour down like rain, and your appliances and inventories are affected most by the showering water. There is nothing much you can do in this situation. But still, you can call us to repair the damage caused by water and leaking pipe and save you from such incidents in the future.

Plumbing leak

Any plumbing leak will spill water on the floor and destroy the rugs, carpets, and furniture. The leak inside the walls and floor will worsen the areas under your office or working place. Whenever three is a hidden or open leak, we are the top-rated choice for the people in Phoenix to get rid of the leak and dirty water ruining the area. We are the local heroes as we provide emergency response on workdays and holidays regardless of the time of day or night. With modern tools and expertise to fix the issue, we are standing by repair the damage and help you resume all the operations without any delay.

Clogged drain

A clogged drain or toilet or kitchen in the commercial building is fatal than a leaking pipe. The clogged drain will allow all the water to cover the floor and infest the area with the water filled with bacteria and viruses. Our technicians use potent chemicals that are safe for humans but are fatal for such bacteria and viruses. We sanitize the office and make the place look as good as new in the least time possible so you can resume the operations and save the losses.

Broken window seal

The office building is incomplete without glazing windows that will complete the look and enhance the working experience of the workers inside. But with time, the temperature change hardens the seal that has held the glass with the frame panel. The hardened seal develops cracks, and rainwater can easily seep through those cracks and wreak havoc in your building.

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